Burnout Prevention

Energy is present but hardly reachable

Burnout is not as such caused by an overly abundant expenditure of energy. The real cause is much more that the energy reserves deep inside you are not sufficiently replenished.

In principle all human beings can dispose of a sheer endless amount of energy. What matters is that you find it and that you learn to use it in a way that is appropriate to you.

So work on your own deep motivations while you take care that you do not invest in motivations that are eventually strange to you.

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How? AURELIS method

AURELIS is an instrument with which you can tackle this from both sides together. The aim is to lead you to open doors behind which you can discover the energy that is naturally yours.

With AurelisOnLine, you get hands-on tools to deeply invite yourself, by way of sessions of autosuggestion, towards less feelings of burnout.

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